Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Time is our most valuable possession: we are The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life – Kindle edition by Philip Zimbardo, John Boyd. Download it once and. The Time Paradox has ratings and reviews. it up because I’d watched some interviews with Philip Zimbardo about the Stanford Prison Experiment. 19 Aug Zimbardo and Boyd call this a paradox of time. Philip Zimbardo, one of the most known social psychologists, became famous for his Stanford.

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I read this book thanks to Blinkist. I believe I learned more than one good lesson for my personal development and what I find extremely fascinating is that I am able to turn the theory into practice and it seems to be working: I also disagree with Zimbardo in several points, he was eager to jump to conclusion in a way that prevented a thorough analysis of some important points.

Family and group oriented. Right now, I wish I could set up a dozen think tanks and set them this book to read, with that chapter particularly highlighted for discussion. Reading this book will yield insights into your own motivation and behavior, and help you be happier, healthier, and more successful. The nail in the coffin is that the marshmallow experiment has been largely discredited. They claim that time is your most valuable asset because it cannot be recovered.

This book was pretty good, though it didn’t have the tone I was expecting, like HOW to adjust your “time zone” if you feel you are a bit off. Just like a basketball player visualizes shooting free throws with perfect form before the game, you should visualize your successes to increase your chances of living them for real. Although not overwhelmingly so, this book was informative and helpful, and is recommended for people perhaps wanting to change behaviour in small ways to form a different attitude to time as opposed to learning how to use time betteror people with an interest in human behaviour.


The recommendation here, based on extensive research, is to increase your self-awareness and enjoyment of life by cultivating a combination of positive recollection and re-framing of your past past- positivea healthy enjoyment of the present present hedonism and a wise investment of future-oriented time perspective.

This will help enforce a healthy future-time perspective. Jun 13, May rated it liked it Shelves: There are lots of other interesting points made in the book, but zimabrdo are almost exclusively in the first half. Enjoy the present, plan for the future, and take the positive out of past to give us stability for the future. Jan 04, Nessy Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, time perspectives have an phillp over many of the currently popular ways of slicing and dicing: The opening chapters on the patadox time perspectives are well written, but the rest of the book contains a bunch of loosely related ways to use time perspectives to improve your life.

As such, you will gain a significant competitive advantage if you read it, so fork over the price and get going. I think the reason Buddhist teachings focus on the present is because our brains tend toward either ruminating about the past or planning for the future, so it’s important to train ourselves to be able to “just be” in the present moment.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The first section of the book was not bad at all, actually it was quiet informative and insightful. Past-negative, Past-positive, Present-fatalistic, Present-hedonistic, Future, and Transcendental future. Oct 27, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: Living, “flowing”, improvising in the present may be better.


Videos About This Book. While spiritual beliefs might lead toward a tendency toward more than one perspective on a survey, the characteristics that follow as a result seem to be a bit of a fetch.

Skip to main content. That said, unlike a lot of self-help books, this book at least has the advantage of being based on real and interesting science. I really liked The Lucifer Effect but this book really seems to have very little that wasn’t obvious.

I learned to see time management in an entirely new way.

The Time Paradox: The New Psychology of Time That Will Change Your Life

Apr 22, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: The authors give several questionnaires and exercises to make you think about planning for the future, how you see your place in time, creating goals, and have an inventory on time to complete; the ZPTI Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. And awareness is, as always, half of the solution.

I quite enjoyed reading this book, so if a star-rating is an attempt to reflect the reading experience I’d be forced to give it five our of five. Mar 14, Book Calendar rated it liked it. For the record, futures are the healthiest, presents most inclined to be late or take drugs, and pasts fatalistic to be stuck in life and depressed. phulip

Three stars doesn’t reflect my overall enjoyment of the book. By going along with that fear and hate, perpetuating a cycle?

As the author states, “When it is time to work, work hard. The first chapter gives an interdisciplinary overview of perspectives on time: The time perspectives they present are: