Manageris recommande l’article Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning, Harvard Business Review, 3M executive Gordon Shaw began looking for a more coherent and compelling way to present business plans. He found it in the form of strategic stories. Telling . 4 Nov Strategic plans need to provide cutting insights and expose new Bromiley P. Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning.

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Worse, they don’t specify critical relationships between the points, and they can’t demonstrate how the goals will be achieved. The business unit involved highly complex science, and it competed in a highly complex industry, so following a detailed plan would have been challenging for the audience had they been listening to a less talented storyteller.

Strategic narrative

Which capabilities and objectives do sstories have and which do the other players have? He decided to write a narrative-style plan instead. Incremental product or process improvements will not solve this problem. Important connections between insights and ideas are ripped apart and clumped together in lists or abstract diagrams. The conclusion requires a logical, concise argument that is specific to the situation and leads to th e desired outcomes.

Strategic Stories: How 3M Is Rewriting Business Planning

stoires Skip to search form Skip to main content. In a sense, the bullet list may be an artifact of the way business takes place in the course of strategic planning: His description of writing that first draft captures the painful, exhilarating process of thinking through a difficult problem: In July, management suspended two workers who had spoken with a monitoring team visiting the factory. Simultaneously, we will develop and test modifications to the product as well as produce sales and other supporting documentation.

We believe that casting our plans for the future as compelling stories rewritung help us do just that.

By painting a picture of the market, the competition, and the strategy needed to beat the competition, these narratives can fill in the spaces around the bullet points for those who will approve and those who will implement the strategy.


Workers in Haiti get paid as little as 28 cents an hour. Narrative Methods for Organizational and Communication Research. And they are becoming better at antenarrating. We are in the late stages of developing adhesives and films that can cover windows but allow people to see out. And Enron Boje, a, b used storytelling in theatrical performance to sell its deregulated market strategies to business college professors and world governments.

I could see these strategies changing the basis of competition. This is business I am developing in the idea of “antenarrative” Boje,a, b. The employees to staff the rides and pop corn machines or stitch the clothes in Haiti or assemble the toys in China do not see Disney as the postmodern story machine. Combining new films with new adhesives will create substantial value and reduce overall cost in both the manufacturing and application of graphics. The ultimate success of our plans depends on how effectively we inspire the people who make those plans happen.

When the placement is correct, a second adhesive system is activated to bond the graphics in place. Witness this selection from a planning document submitted by a 3M business unit. Showing of strategiv extracted citations. These different models make radically different assumptions about how the world works. Gordon Shaw is executive director of planning and international at 3M in St.

Telling stories was already a habit of mind at 3M. For example, the strategic story highlighted hod importance of addressing specific needs of users in the automotive and semiconductor industries. Well, there is a better way. A good story has a point that becomes clear through the telling, Likewise, a good plan lays out a vision – not just a generic platitude, but a fully enunciated statement of how the business creates value.

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. – PubMed – NCBI

The Science of Stories Stories are central to human intelligence and memory. For on line, Introduction to Antenarrativeplease read this first http: At 3M, we tell stories. Does improved marketing for example increase market share, which results in increased profits perhaps from economies of scalethus providing funds for increased new-product development?

Paper presented at the Networks, Quasi-Objects, and Identity: Simply acquiring THV did not make sense for 3M; the cost was too high, and Hoechst already had a manufacturing facility, which 3M would not want to duplicate. We can expect rapid price erosion once all competitors bring very similar products to market. As such, these parks lead visitors to believe that an environment can be sustained within a vacuum controlled by technicians and engineers Sterling, IBM preps its executives on how to get just the right kinds of stories to tell and retell: Requiring that a plan have a narrative logic forces to the surface the writers buried assumptions about cause and effect.


BrownPhilip Bromiley Published in Harvard business review Virtually all business plans are written as a list of bullet points.

May—June Issue Explore the Archive. Disney is among the many storytelling organizations revising its strategic stories to fit the new global division of labor.

The battle lines were quickly drawn between the proposed Disney’s America Theme Park and the historic preservation community.

Ix its inception, Dyneon jumped on those issues, establishing teams that included people from both companies. This constituted a huge risk for the union leadership, who then became subject to arbitrary firing.

Introduce the dramatic conflict: Stories also play an important role in learning. But, Disney is still the modernist storytelling machine and beneath the theme park is the factory.

Strategic stories: how 3M is rewriting business planning. – Semantic Scholar

Engaging the stoires in a narrative also gives them a chance to get enthused about the thinking behind it. Customers want design flexibility and larger graphics without higher cost. If the language we use in writing strategic planning reports were only a matter of presentation, of the way we package ideas and offer them to others, it would not matter much how we wrote them.