Form: DD Material Inspection and Receiving Report. This form is available at Current Revision Date. The DD Form is still in use as the printed version of the WAWF Receiving Report and/or Invoice. 14 Jun format, it is the responsibility of the contractor to prepare, submit for acceptance (source or destination), and make distribution of the DD

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This form can be printed out directly from the Pick Ticket or from the Sales Invoice. Mailing Address — default from the User file.

DD government Inspection and Receiving Report.

CD preparation, handling and shipping are not refundable. If your contract includes discount terms with the U.

This information should be completed according to your contract agreement. To make sure the software is for you, download our free TestDrive edition before purchase.

If you decide to order a CD at a future time, there will be an additional fee plus a CD preparation and delivery charge. You will be contacted via email. Gets you going quickly.

System Standard Form Setup. If you have any doubts about internet downloads, then we recommend that you order the CD edition. Share eforms created or filled with EZ-Forms via email, web pages, etc. Shipping charges if any cannot be refunded under any circumstances. Click on Print from the Print List d250 can also save, fax or email.


Provide the completed form to your quality inspector. The inspector will review your products and complete Section 21 of the report. Errors in completion of this form may delay processing by the CMO and could result in delay in recording of deliveries and payment of invoices.

Create DD250

Commercial Telephone Number — default from the User file. Most importantly, contractors using the WAWF system receive timely payments for their services. This policy is subject to change upon notice via this web page, but will not exclude purchases delivered prior to time of change. Quantities of supplies received or services performed Box Enter your Procurement Instrument Identification Number.

You will also need the Title and telephone number in order for this information to be reflected dd25 Box Prime Contractor Box 9. You may also request Enhanced TestDrives of our products by filling out questionnaires on the respective product pages which are watermark free, but time limited. You can then print, save, email, etc.

Amount —the Line Total Cd250. Since you see your form and data on screen exactly as it will look on the printed page, you can quickly make changes before committing dd2550 paper. This form documents the inspection, acceptance, receipt and delivery of the services or product. Creating a completed, regulation DD is easier than using a typewriter, much faster, and a breeze to correct errors.

Printed Name, Title, Mailing Address. DD Form option A. Import Scans and Graphic images.


All worldwide rights reserved. This is the contract number that was provided to you when you were awarded with the contact. Order confirmation is via email, so make ds250 you white list email from ez-forms. Click Here for Pricing and to Order Now.

This form should be completed only by the awarded contractor, not subcontractors.

Download the TestDrive Edition You may download and install this software with no fear of virus, worm, ad-ware, or any other adverse effects on your system. Click Here for Pricing and to Order Now Discount Terms —the Terms of Payment defaulted on the document.

DD for WAWF Receiving and Invoices

December 19, Advances in technology have made electronic processing a cross-industry standard, and today, the electronic submission of the Receiving Report is required in almost all cases. Unit —the Line Unit of Measure. In either format, it is the responsibility of the contractor to prepare, submit for acceptance source or destinationand make distribution of the DD Shipped From Box Go to the Print Menu.

We are uniquely positioned to ease the dd2250. Unlimited printing – no copy count. Administered By Box Manual completion, processing and archiving made the submission, storage and retrieval of multiple reports a difficult process.