The curriculum is built from the CFA Institute Body of Knowledge, taking you deep into investment management by cutting across these 10 key areas. As a CFA Program candidate, your course of study is determined by the Candidate Body of Knowledge™ (CBOK). The CBOK is grounded in practice. 21 Jun Overall, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is a daunting challenge, The CBOK tests candidates on ethics, quantitative analysis, financial statement analysis, economics, portfolio analysis, corporate finance.

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Get out your calendar and determine which weeks you will be studying which sections.

Current CBOK on CFAI Website | AnalystForum

Types of Alternative Investments and their Characteristics B. JensensalphaMale Jun 18th, 7: Valuing Bonds with Embedded Options H.

You guys are too much. To earn the CFA charter, you cbo, successfully pass through the CFA Program, a graduate-level self-study program that combines a broad curriculum with professional conduct requirements, culminating in a series of three sequential exams.

Use Flash Cards Homemade flashcards are an effective way to master the material. Please enable scripts and reload this page. I have the same thing in mine, but I doubt this means anything. Xfa on fbok accessible mode. Many ethical problems are scenario-based and easy to read. Stay Motivated Focus on why you are earning your CFA charter and how you will reward yourself after you take the exam.

Use Memory Techniques Mnemonic devices, such as taking the first letter of each word in a concept to spell one word, are helpful. Characteristics, Institutions, and Benchmarks C.


The Firm and Industry Organization C. This recommendation, however, may substantially underestimate the hours needed for appropriate exam preparation depending on individual circumstances and academic background.

The Monetary System F.

Pass Your CFA Exams on the First Try

The Saturday before the exam, drive down to where you will be taking the test and check out the site. Tangible Assets with Low Liquidity X. Take these beginning on a Saturday several weeks before exam day and try to replicate the actual testing environment as much as possible.

I had a sneaking suspicion this was true. Hmmm I got the same thing. This mastery is achieved by using. You’ll be more likely to remember these points later if you take time to write them down as you come across them.

So even if this isnt it, you can find out a few days early by trying to register for LII early. Measuring National Income and Growth D.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s important to understand what the whole program entails. Alternative Investments Management Strategies O. Analysis of Global Operations M.

After registering for each level, you will receive a curriculum divided into about 18 study sessions. Lightly review the material, brush chok on weak spots and eat a nice dinner. The CFA Institute defines LOS as “knowledge, skills, and abilities that you should be able to apply after completing a reading and all associated exercises and problems. It consists of three levels, each of which culminates in a six-hour exam.

We might have something here…. This is what I cbik Develop a Game Plan Get out your calendar and determine which weeks you will be studying which sections. When studying quantitative material, working on problems is important.

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Analysis of Xbok E. Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning A.

I do see the exact same topics in mine too… thanks …but do you think this is the L2? Broadly preview each session to determine your familiarity with each topic.

Do not take this part of the study process lightly. Leave the house in plenty of time to get settled in once you arrive.

Pass Your CFA Exams on the First Try | Investopedia

I just took Level 3 and have the same thing. Eat healthy meals, sleep right, avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine, and remember to exercise. Professional Standards of Practice B. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Budfox, while you are correct that the CBOK is the same for all 3 levels, there have been situations in the past when some candidates with exceptional results were indirectly notified by the CFAI of their scores by giving them access to the following level materials.

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CFA Society Istanbul

Focus cfq why you are earning your CFA charter and how you will reward yourself after you take the exam. The keys to success are to get organized, develop an effective study program and review. There are other tricks as well, such as catchy slogans. Utilize tools such as online prep exams to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Sleep Tight Take it easy the night before.